Professional Tips For Choosing a Gunsmithing School

Gunsmithing is a career which appeals to many – it ranges from part time, hobbyist level involvement, that one does more out of self-interest than for profit, to a full blown profession which can yield a considerable amount of money for those involved. It has become especially attractive for those who have suffered from the effects of the recent economic collapse and are looking for ways to put their hobbies to good use. Owing to the fact that gun restoration and collection are a popular pastime for many individuals, it is easy to make a name for yourself in your local community through hard work and dedication, and start earning good money, especially if you set up shop in a region where there isn’t much competition. offers a comprehensive breakdown of gunsmithing as a profession as well as a nice chart on the best gunsmithing schools.

This is a trade that can be somewhat technical, which is why seeking a certification from a reliable institute should be the first course of action for those who want to become professional gunsmiths. Although no accrediting body exists for conventional gunsmithing college programs, there are short courses which have been endorsed by the National Rifle Association. However, these work best for hobbyists or students who want to fuel their pastime.

Since you are trying to set up a gunsmithing business, you should opt for a full length course with a college that offers, at the very least, an Associate level program in the field. Before you choose a college, you need to analyse and evaluate the particular branch of weapons you will be addressing through your business. It is tempting to reach the decision that you will handle handguns, rifles, shot guns and any other type of firearm a customer might throw at you, but according to seasoned gunsmiths, as well as customers, this is a bad move. The only way to get really good at your craft is to focus on one of its facets and then seek training in that particular facet. For the sake of an example, suppose you have an interest in modifying long range weapons, in this case, your aim should be to find a school that specializes in this particular branch of gunsmithing. Of course, you will learn all the basic techniques that apply to other types of weapons as well, but you will be a master at handling rifles. In the long run, you’ll see that this trumps being a ‘jack of all trades, ace of none’.

Preference and existing interest indeed are the most important factors when seeking gunsmithing education that will lead to a profession in the trade, however, these aren’t the only one. Besides the cost, location and duration, the profitability of your specialization is also crucial. Extending our example of choosing long range weapons as your specialization, you must do ample research into the largest markets that you can tap into, in other words, communities where hunting is a popular pastime i.e. towns which are in proximity to ample hunting zones. It would make no sense for you to choose this specialization if you lived in an urban centre where hunting prospects were slim – in such a case, you would be much better off choosing a specialization in handguns, since self-defence is a major concern in large cities.

If you are hesitant or doubtful about your choice of school / specialization, this is an excellent website to ask professionals and stay updated on everything related to weapons and their modifications/repairs.

Stacey Palmers
Stacey Palmers

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