Hydrovac Excavation – A Safe Alternative

If you are wondering what hydro-vac excavation is, it is a process that takes soil, removes it and then moves it to another location through pressurized water. The reasoning for this type of excavation is to make excavation easier in the city of Edmonton and other areas of Canada where it may be colder than in other areas making it difficult to move soil traditionally. The hydro-vac equipment needs a vacuum source in order to make it all work. You can choose from a fan system which moves the air in large amounts and makes the excavation quicker or you can choose a displacement blower which can move the air in longer distances. This method will allow greater depths but a slower rate.

Why should you choose this type of excavation over other methods? There are many different reasons.

Trying to determine whether you will use traditional or hydro-vac excavation will be easier if you can weigh the differences between the two.

  • The way the process is done by hydro-vac does not involve any heavy machinery that could be dangerous to those on the ground and those inside of the machine. Manual digging is also very time consuming and the workers will need to complete backfilling after the soil has been removed. With hydro-vac excavation, this process is eliminated. Hydro excavation is safer, more time efficient and are cost effective. Manual digging is going to cost more than hydro-vac excavation would.
  • There is less congestion on the excavation site because there is no need for heavy and bulky machinery. The hydro-vac vehicles can be placed a long distance from the excavation site to free up some of the work space. This means that there is better safety for those who are working on the ground or in other machines.
  • Hydro-vac excavation is more accurate than traditional excavation. The soil around the area is untouched and left the way it originally was. This also means that there will be no cracked pipes or other utilities such as gas lines or power lines because of the accuracy of hydro-vac excavation. This will save a good amount of money since there will be less to no repairs.
  • Not only is hydro-vac excavation the best possible option for ground excavation, it also can be used for tasks such as potholing, sewer rehabilitation, landscaping, pole installation and more. It has all of these other options unlike traditional excavation that would take more time to do these tasks than hydro-vac excavation.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of hydro-vac excavation. It is less time consuming, cost effective, serves multiple purposes and is much more safe than traditional excavation and has better damage control. With no damage being done with hydro-vac excavation, this saves time and expenses that are needed to repair and restore anything that was damaged from traditional excavation. Fewer repairs means that there is more time to get the initial job done. Hydro-vac excavation offers a better service for their customers and makes the contractors jobs much easier.

Stacey Palmers
Stacey Palmers

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