6 Tips to Consider when Choosing a Digital Solution Perfect for Fitness Trainers

Who said you could only train people when they are physically present?

Digital technology came as a saviour in such cases, especially this time when the whole world is facing a pandemic.

Fitness trainers don’t have to stay idle.

The only thing is to take time and run due diligence on what you need for an app to support your fitness students in their health goals.

Why do you need a fitness app?

  • Ideal for monitoring your progress
  • Supports remote fitness activities
  • Comes with fitness, diet and health tips
  • Makes you stay on board with your fitness plans
  • A one-stop-shop for all manner of fitness activities
  • Have a varied audience across the globe
  • Improves your revenue

The digital market contains vast applications, although they may work for you, as a fitness instructor, you need specific features to enhance your career.

Consider the following factors when choosing an app suitable for fitness coaching

1. Check out on what people have to say about the app- reviews

You can’t afford to ignore what people say about an app.

In a specific check on the interactive nature of the exercises and the realistic approach based in such review.

Too many negative reviews are a red flag for an app. In the market where there are many options, why not try the next one which will serve you according to your desire.

Moreover, you have your students who look upon you for necessary support.

In case you prefer them to such an app, only to be disappointed, it affects your business. 

Try out the apps before you role it to students for the efficiency of your online fitness classes.

2. The additional functions valuable to your fitness business

Apart from the fitness program, what makes you stick to fitness App A and leave fitness app B?

The kind of app you are looking for is not simple software.

It must gear towards fitness coaching rather than the exercises that someone can download and try at home.

An app that also supports the uploading of your fitness programs is the best for you.

Other value-added functions relevant to you include

  • Online payment systems
  • End to end encryptions function
  • Chat services
  • Multimedia content

Once there is a payment system, then you need to go a step further and check on the security of your identify information- the weakness in any online payment system.

An app that gets information about you is a NO-GO zone. Once they get hold of your personal information, be sure the next thing is a zero balance bank account.

On the security of your hard-earned money, it’s also wise to have an alert system that gives you a notification on any changes that you make on your account.

That is a plus such that you can track all your financial transaction to detect any form of hacking or fraud.

3. Check the skill set based on your trainees level of fitness expertise

Who is your target audience? Obviously, fitness coaches have beginners, intermediate students and continuing students.

You need to have an app that caters for all of them based on their skill set. When you subject a beginner to an expert class, are you sure you’ll see him enrol for the next lesson?

Look for an app that customized your coaching lessons such that it becomes easy to track progress and the stage of every student.

4. Choose an app with different plans to suit customized needs

According to health experts, any fitness program must get information about you to tailor the exercise based on your body needs.

Height, weight, age, and gender are the most common things to inquire. It gives one an idea about the BMI, which further gauges whether one is overweight or obese.

The fitness instructions should have that in mind.

5. The kind of exercises supported on the applications

You are an expert in the same field, only that you want to use their platform to engage your students.

Have a look at the kind of exercise on the portal. How suitable are they for your online practices lessons?

If not, you can’t leave them as per se until you prove that they are stiff when it comes to customization of the sessions on the portal.

Look for a digital solution that motivates and encourages your students to continue with the sessions without fatigue.

You get this if and only if you have one with diverse workouts for fun and excitement.

Fitness coaching shouldn’t be painful but fun and exciting.

As a fitness coach, you have a business to protect.

The choice of your platform to hold your fitness session plays a significant role to ensure you get profits.

Consider the above factors for technology to work to our advantage and not disadvantage.

Stacey Palmers
Stacey Palmers

We’ve undergone various training in physical fitness and health. With decades of hands-on experience in the industry, we’ve become experts at what we do. In this section, you’ll access various tips, guides, techniques, and how-to articles to help you live a fit, healthy, longer, and happier life.