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Hydrovac Excavation – A Safe Alternative

Sep 05, 15 Hydrovac Excavation – A Safe Alternative

If you are wondering what hydro-vac excavation is, it is a process that takes soil, removes it and then moves it to another location through pressurized water. The reasoning for this type of excavation is to make excavation easier in the city of Edmonton and other areas of Canada where it may be colder than in other areas making it difficult to move soil traditionally. The hydro-vac equipment needs a vacuum source in order to make it all work. You can choose from a fan system which moves the air in large amounts and makes the excavation quicker or you can choose a displacement blower which can move the air in longer distances. This method will allow greater depths but a slower rate.

Why should you choose this type of excavation over other methods? There are many different reasons.

Trying to determine whether you will use traditional or hydro-vac excavation will be easier if you can weigh the differences between the two.

  • The way the process is done by hydro-vac does not involve any heavy machinery that could be dangerous to those on the ground and those inside of the machine. Manual digging is also very time consuming and the workers will need to complete backfilling after the soil has been removed. With hydro-vac excavation, this process is eliminated. Hydro excavation is safer, more time efficient and are cost effective. Manual digging is going to cost more than hydro-vac excavation would.
  • There is less congestion on the excavation site because there is no need for heavy and bulky machinery. The hydro-vac vehicles can be placed a long distance from the excavation site to free up some of the work space. This means that there is better safety for those who are working on the ground or in other machines.
  • Hydro-vac excavation is more accurate than traditional excavation. The soil around the area is untouched and left the way it originally was. This also means that there will be no cracked pipes or other utilities such as gas lines or power lines because of the accuracy of hydro-vac excavation. This will save a good amount of money since there will be less to no repairs.
  • Not only is hydro-vac excavation the best possible option for ground excavation, it also can be used for tasks such as potholing, sewer rehabilitation, landscaping, pole installation and more. It has all of these other options unlike traditional excavation that would take more time to do these tasks than hydro-vac excavation.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of hydro-vac excavation. It is less time consuming, cost effective, serves multiple purposes and is much more safe than traditional excavation and has better damage control. With no damage being done with hydro-vac excavation, this saves time and expenses that are needed to repair and restore anything that was damaged from traditional excavation. Fewer repairs means that there is more time to get the initial job done. Hydro-vac excavation offers a better service for their customers and makes the contractors jobs much easier.

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Getting Sleep As An Entrepreneur

Aug 31, 15 Getting Sleep As An Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that you have a lot on your mind all of the time. One of the most important things that you should be doing is sleeping well. Sleep is extremely important for your health and if you are not sleeping properly, it can lead to some major health problems. Staying up late all of the time to focus on things that have to do with our business may seem important to you, but your mental and physical health is more important. Being an entrepreneur certainly does involve a lot of work, but you need to remember to take a time out once in a while. If you have a lot on your mind before bed, there are definitely some things that you can do to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Trying to go to sleep while having a lot on your mind is never a simple task. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of thing that you need to focus on such as your employees, productivity, your products, payroll and more. Sleeping will help you focus the next morning and there are a lot of ways that you can get a good night of sleep.

One way is to find yourself a comfortable mattress and pillow. There is nothing more vital than a comfortable mattress and pillow to sleep on. There is no way you are going to feel rested if you are sleeping on a mattress that feels like a slab of stone. Even if you plan on drinking some alcohol to help you fall asleep on that hard mattress better, don’t.

Alcohol may help you fall asleep, but you aren’t going to stay sleeping. Studies have shown that those who fall asleep due to alcohol consumption will only sleep for 4 hours and not be able to get back to sleep once awake. This isn’t something you want to do if you are looking for a solid 8 hours of sleep to feel completely rested. Alcohol also has sugar in it, which is terrible for you before bed. Sugar is going to keep you awake and it is recommended that sugar is not consumed before you settle down for the night. Sugar can also disrupt your sleeping pattern, which will not help you feel rested in the morning.

Obviously as an entrepreneur, you are constantly checking the internet, checking on your products, employees, email, amongst other things. At night, an hour or so before you are ready to go to bed, it is best that you shut off all of your electronics. Artificial light makes the mind think that it is time to be awake when it really isn’t. Shutting these down will shut your brain down and help you fall asleep quicker. Last, but not least, one of the best things that you can do to feel rested and start your day as an entrepreneur on a good foot is to wake up to all natural light. This will reset the circadian rhythm of your body, thus, helping you feel energized for the day.

It isn’t easy getting sleep while being an entrepreneur since there are so many things that you are constantly thinking about. If you follow the advice given above, there is no doubt that you are going to sleep well and feel rested.

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Green Air Mattresses To Save The Environment

Jun 15, 15 Green Air Mattresses To Save The Environment

Today, if you want an extra bed at night to accommodate the unexpected guest, or your child’s friend sleeping over, you’ll probably whip out an air mattress, and obviously, if you’ve ever gone camping, you’ll know that an inflatable air mattress is absolutely essential for the trip. Here you can find reviews of some excellent air mattresses for camping.

The issue with air mattresses these days is that they are almost always made using PVC, that can exude harmful fumes long after the lingering ‘new mattress smell’ has gone away – and this may even contain lead.

A few years past, if anyone would have taken objection to toxic gases being released by their air mattress, they would have no choice but to abandon the utility of an air mattress and stick with bulkier alternatives. Today, thankfully, we’re a lot luckier – here are some of the green variations of air mattresses produced by major manufacturers:

  • The Aerobed Pakmat: Made from one hundred percent eco-friendly materials this mattress is completely free of PVC and phthalate. It can be pumped via a hand pump rather than electricity or batteries and takes just 60 seconds. Weighing only 5 pounds, it can be stored in its pump casing. It ships for free from
  • The Aerobed Ecolite: Constructed from TPU rather than PVC, a far more environmentally friendly alternative than the latter, the Ecolite is free of phthalate, and comes with a pump that can be recharged. In contrast to the Pakmat, it comes in queen and twin sizes, and is 40 percent lighter than air mattresses made from PVC. My personal preference would still be the Pakmat though, since I’ve had plenty of air pump mattresses die on me over the years.
  • Kelty Sleep Eazy: Made out of 70D nylon combined with a TPU laminate, it also includes a standard coil for extra support. The Sleep Eazy is also extremely easy to inflate because of its 6V rechargeable pump that can be powered with both your car and a wall outlet as the situation demands. And in order to ensure compact storage, this air mattress packs its own Kelty Binto storage bin.
  • Lake Timber Top Rubberized Fabric Air Mattress: When PVC hadn’t gained so much popularity, air mattress were made from rubberized fabric and used to be extremely durable, besides being a lot more environment friendly than their PVC equivalents. This air mattress can be considered equal to a single or twin air mattress with the dimensions: 30’’ x 72’’, and can even be used in water. It comes with a repairing kit and is also available from Amazon with free shipping.

In my quest to find the greenest air mattress out there I came across Home Hardware, with outlets throughout Canada, carries many different rubberized cotton air mattresses at reasonable prices.

Remember that sleep is the body’s way of rejuvenating and recharging itself for the next day, it shouldn’t be tainted by pollutant gases that can prove hazardous if exposed to over a long period of time.

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Dental health: the top 5 countries

Feb 18, 15 Dental health: the top 5 countries

It’s a difficult question to answer:  Which country has the best dental health in the world?

One of the western countries you would think? Most likely the country with the highest standard of living? how do you even measure something like this?

It’s not an easy question to answer, as no study has ever been carried out to definitively compare the available datasets. Such a study, which would look at the oral health from every adult in each country, would not currently be possible. Also, no study has been carried out to look at and compare pictures of teeth worldwide. When the question arises of which country has the best teeth, there are a couple of datasets which are referenced – all with differing conclusions and results.

Health teeth of the world

One dataset, the WHO’s DMFT data, is based on 12-year-olds from around the world. It looks at the number of problem teeth that each child has. These problem teeth will either be filled, decayed, or missing altogether. Although another WHO study exists which looks at 35- to 44-year-olds, this study is incomplete and not normally used for comparison. Another recent study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also looked at twelve-year-olds. Their data, taken from 34 countries, provided some answers based on recent findings in 2006.

Some of the major findings from these studies are as follows:

  • The top 5 countries for dental health, based on the OECD data, were Britain, followed by Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, and Sweden.
  • The children in these top 5 countries all had fewer, on average, than one problem tooth.
  • Eastern Europe had a higher rate of decay than Western Europe; where good dental care might be easier to access.
  • American children had a ‘low’ rate of problem teeth. However, Australia and China did better, with children there scoring a ‘very low’ rate.
  • Some countries that do not have a good, plentiful supply of food may have a low rate of dental decay for the wrong reasons.

The research shows that children in many countries have very good dental health. However, it is important to remember that the available data is just for 12-year-olds. A more balanced picture might be provided by gathering and looking at more data for 35 to 44-year-olds.

Another important point to remember is that the question of who has the best teeth may be subject to personal opinion. Some people may say the most aesthetically perfect teeth are best. Other people may say the strongest or the least decayed teeth are best.

Based on the above surveys and the general standard of living and quality of life, it can be ASSUMED that the top 5 countries are:

  • England
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Denmark

These countries have a high standard of living and most of them have access to subsided healthcare, which makes dental work much more affordable. You may be surprised to find countries such as North America or Australia absent in the list, this is due to high dental costs combined with sub-standard health care systems. Australia has a high standard of living, but also extremely high dental costs which make certain dental surgeries unaffordable for the median income earner.

Again, this is only an assumption as views will vary widely based on a huge number of factors. One thing that everybody agrees on is that regular visits to the dentist can keep teeth both free from decay and beautifully white..



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Professional Tips For Choosing a Gunsmithing School

Jan 12, 15 Professional Tips For Choosing a Gunsmithing School

Gunsmithing is a career which appeals to many – it ranges from part time, hobbyist level involvement, that one does more out of self-interest than for profit, to a full blown profession which can yield a considerable amount of money for those involved. It has become especially attractive for those who have suffered from the effects of the recent economic collapse and are looking for ways to put their hobbies to good use. Owing to the fact that gun restoration and collection are a popular pastime for many individuals, it is easy to make a name for yourself in your local community through hard work and dedication, and start earning good money, especially if you set up shop in a region where there isn’t much competition. offers a comprehensive breakdown of gunsmithing as a profession as well as a nice chart on the best gunsmithing schools.

This is a trade that can be somewhat technical, which is why seeking a certification from a reliable institute should be the first course of action for those who want to become professional gunsmiths. Although no accrediting body exists for conventional gunsmithing college programs, there are short courses which have been endorsed by the National Rifle Association. However, these work best for hobbyists or students who want to fuel their pastime.

Since you are trying to set up a gunsmithing business, you should opt for a full length course with a college that offers, at the very least, an Associate level program in the field. Before you choose a college, you need to analyse and evaluate the particular branch of weapons you will be addressing through your business. It is tempting to reach the decision that you will handle handguns, rifles, shot guns and any other type of firearm a customer might throw at you, but according to seasoned gunsmiths, as well as customers, this is a bad move. The only way to get really good at your craft is to focus on one of its facets and then seek training in that particular facet. For the sake of an example, suppose you have an interest in modifying long range weapons, in this case, your aim should be to find a school that specializes in this particular branch of gunsmithing. Of course, you will learn all the basic techniques that apply to other types of weapons as well, but you will be a master at handling rifles. In the long run, you’ll see that this trumps being a ‘jack of all trades, ace of none’.

Preference and existing interest indeed are the most important factors when seeking gunsmithing education that will lead to a profession in the trade, however, these aren’t the only one. Besides the cost, location and duration, the profitability of your specialization is also crucial. Extending our example of choosing long range weapons as your specialization, you must do ample research into the largest markets that you can tap into, in other words, communities where hunting is a popular pastime i.e. towns which are in proximity to ample hunting zones. It would make no sense for you to choose this specialization if you lived in an urban centre where hunting prospects were slim – in such a case, you would be much better off choosing a specialization in handguns, since self-defence is a major concern in large cities.

If you are hesitant or doubtful about your choice of school / specialization, this is an excellent website to ask professionals and stay updated on everything related to weapons and their modifications/repairs.

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Staying Safe When Pest Removal Men Treat Your Home

Jan 03, 15 Staying Safe When Pest Removal Men Treat Your Home

According to various international studies, one of the biggest concerns of homeowners around the world when dealing with pest problems is the harmful effects that pest control chemicals could have as a result of pest eradication. For anyone with a family this is an obvious concern, however what steps can one take in order to reduce the risks of the above scenario?

No one likes dealing with household pest problems so it’s a common reaction to call pest removal experts immediately once you realise that you have a problem. With this in mind, there are some precautions that you’ll want to take before and after the pest removal men treat your home, as the chemicals they use may be harmful.

To keep yourself, your family and your household pets safe, here are several easy and simple precautions to take:


Clean the House

This is usually done both before and after the pest removal men have gone. Put away all of your food items and silverware, or anything else that may come into contact with your mouth – bug spray could also be harmful to your body if ingested. If the pests are in your cupboards, you’ll need to find another place to store all your things, perhaps in a distant room or even another house if your place needs extensive treatment.


Protect the Children

The chemicals that pest removal men use can be dangerous to everyone however they’re especially dangerous to children, so you’ll want to make sure your children are safe. Make sure they aren’t in the same room as the pests or don’t go outside while the contractors are doing their job. The same applies to pets—keep them and their food items safe and excluded from the area’s that are infected with pests. Just as you did with your plates and silverware, relocate their food and water bowls to a different area.


Avoid the Area

This is the biggest (and easiest to implement) safety precaution to follow. While most removal processes might only take a couple hours, others might require days, so in the time that the pest removal men are at your home, keep as far away as possible, and sometimes this means leaving your house. If it’s just for a few hours, move everyone from your family to a nearby park for a nice day outside.

In certain situations it may be acceptable to stay indoors, for example if the pest problem is extremely localised such as in the attic space. Attic pest infestations are very common (especially in colder climates) and are actually very easy to deal with.

Some bigger projects might require days to solve the problem so you’ll need to arrange the situation beforehand. Just ask a friend or nearby relative—they’d probably be willing to help!


Bat Removal

Bats are one of the more serious pest problems that homeowners face and it’s recommended to call professionals immediately if you find you have a bat infestation within your home. As it’s illegal to poison or kill bats in most countries, the process of removal can take up to 3 weeks in the worst cases so plan ahead and make arrangements to stay elsewhere while they are being removed. For more information on how to deal with bat infestations and problems, read this guide on bat removal from attic spaces.

bats in the attic


Bat are one of the bigger problems homeowners face and you’ll want to have them eradicated as soon as possible. Take some clean and bedbug-free clothes with you and stay out of the house for a couple days until treatement is complete; you wouldn’t want to be sleeping with bedbugs around anyway!


Termite Removal

If you’re experiencing termite infestation, your pest removal efforts may take quite a while. Typically, you may even expect that you’ll have to leave the area for three to four days while your home is fumigated. Termites are a serious pest and getting rid of them requires time and money, however it’ll be worth it in the long run.



Finally, the most important piece of advice that we could give you is: communicate with the company. Talk to them about exactly what they intend to do as they may have suggestions for you that come in handy. Some services will have different preferences or requirements, and safety often varies with the type of pest they’re working with. If you keep up the communication and remember these quick tips, you’ll be able to keep you and your family safe from any harmful substances, chemicals and pest problems.

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Fighting Mold – Do You Really Need Help?

Oct 28, 14 Fighting Mold – Do You Really Need Help?

Mold has definitely become a major problem for a number of households – and has received quite a lot of publicity for this too. However, there are still too many people who aren’t completely familiar with the hazard posed by fungal exposure. ‘Toxic mold’ is a term that causes confusion for people because it implies that there are molds that are directly toxic – the truth is that several types of mold release secondary metabolites that are responsible for toxin production, more correctly known as mycotoxins.


Health Problems Caused by Mold


There is no room for doubt in the assertion that airborne mycotoxins are bad for health. In many instances, people aren’t even aware of the fact that they are inhaling mycotoxins and mold spores; they only realize their own plight when they become horribly sick. Some individuals get their allergies triggered by certain molds, but the reactions are minor, so they recover, in most cases, once they leave the affected area. Exposure to dangerous molds such as Chaetomium or Stachybotrys, however, can lead to serious allergic symptoms and diseases such as learning disabilities, chronic bronchitis, mental deficiencies, cancer, heart conditions, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, bleeding lungs, multiple chemical sensitivity and several others. Several of the common ailments that occur due to mold can be treated and alleviated after the person leaves the contaminated location. Diet, medication as well as other treatment protocols are often necessary. However, certain effects e.g. weakened immune systems and brain damage, can become permanent – memory, coordination/balance, eyesight, and hearing are generally the residual effects which often cannot be improved, even after treatment. The most common types of mold found in North America are Alternaria, Aureobasidium, Rhizopus, Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Epicoccum, Mucor, Fusarium, Helminthosporium and Penicillium. However, none of these are as harmful as Chaetomium and Stachybotrys, which have been proven to create mycotoxins that can cause immunological and neurological damage which is irreversible.


Why Get Help?



The reason why many people are not absolutely aware of the damage potential of mold is the government’s inability to develop guidelines to determine the quality of indoor air, which makes it impossible for hundreds and hundreds of ill people to get help. It is known by many that mold can affect allergic people, but the knowledge that molds can also produce toxins (that affect everyone if they are exposed long enough) is not as common. It is estimated that some 25 million US citizens suffer from allergic reactions because of molds without realizing the culprit behind their predicament. Because there is no sure shot way to assess the extent of the damage that has been caused by mold, you need to be proactive in your fight against it. If you have the slightest reason to believe that the air in your house is compromised by mold spores e.g. a minor allergic reaction, you should get it tested at once by experts. It can cost quite a bit, but nothing compared to the health crisis you will be averting. There are plenty of websites that list certified mold inspectors who will help you identify whether you’ve got a mold problem much more reliably than DIY mold detection kits.

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The Gary Bettman Vision on the Future of the NHL

May 21, 14 The Gary Bettman Vision on the Future of the NHL

The National Hockey League is clearly in its annual focus period as the Stanley Cup is winding down to the finals. This year’s march to the cup is well under way and has already featured some Game 7 playoff magic, just like the NBA. But, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman may be more focused on the future than he is the immediate present, even if this is the season when hockey shines brightest. League expansion may be the topic that has Bettman’s attention the most, as the league eyes the Pacific Northwest as a good area for growing the professional hockey market. In addition, the World Cup hosting possibilities are present too, and Bettman wants the NHL to be central to any international professional competition.

It is no secret that professional hockey lags behind the other professional sports leagues in the United States, and the Canadian hockey traditionalists are okay with that. Bettman has been soundly criticized for his southern United States expansion agenda for the league. Professional baseball is a time-honored tradition, the National Football League is probably the most popular professional sports league, and the National Basketball Association occupies the monster share of media airspace during the playoffs. But, hockey has seen its share of attention recently during the playoff season. And Bettman, along with Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, has still been courting the city of Seattle as a possible expansion NHL city.

Bettman recently stated that the Seattle expansion possibilities are not strong, and the league is not in any serious discussions with the city. Seattle financiers are actually more interested in bringing the National Basketball Association back to town, but either professional sports addition would also require building a new arena that would double as the home venue for both professional establishments. If the NBA opens the door, then the NHL could help keep the arena full, which is the real purpose of professional sports attractions. Both Bettman and Daly see the doorway, but finalization is a long way off for the Pacific Northwest hockey fans.

The highest accomplishment on the list of probabilities, and clearly on the future agenda, is bring the World Cup hockey competition to the United States. Both Betttman and Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly were vocal about the drive to host the games, as both NHL executives stated that it is a definite possibility. The games are also a definite international focus. This is the type of vision that Bettman has had for the league since his installation as NHL Commissioner in 1993, even though his vision has been generally criticized.

Bettman has been no stranger to controversy during his tenure as NHL commissioner. He has presided over three contract negotiations, including player lockouts, and the suspension of an entire season of professional hockey. Of course, Bettman may not be stranger to taking a big gamble. His brother is past commissioner of the World Series of Poker. However, he has been successful on the television broadcast front, as the NHL signed a broadcast agreement with both Fox and NBC in the past decade, which gives the league a broadcast comparative to the other professional sports in NHL cities.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has been a trail blazer in many ways, as he is the only commissioner the NHL has ever known. Regardless of criticism, he has maintained his focus on growing the sport of hockey in as many avenues as possible. The sport that has traditionally been international in nature is now becoming popular across the entire United States. And as much as the old timer hockey fans want to complain, Bettman is still following his vision for growing the NHL.

Photo Credit to Adam Glanzman via Flickr

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Coal Mine Accident in Turkey and the Negatives of Coal Energy

May 14, 14 Coal Mine Accident in Turkey and the Negatives of Coal Energy

According to news reports, an explosion and subsequent fire Tuesday in Ankara, Turkey, trapped almost 800 coal miners underground. Nearby miners and rescue crews rushed to the site. However, by Wednesday, reports indicated that at least 205 workers were killed. Authorities said that the accident was one of the most severe mining disasters in Turkey’s history. In 1992, a gas explosion claimed the lives of 263 workers in a mine located near the Black Sea.

The incident occurred during a shift change, which contributed to the large number of men in the mine. The explosion of a power distribution unit caused the problem. A fire continued burning in the mine 18 hours later. Smoke and soot are clearly visible above ground at the site. Live footage showed a crowd of hundreds cheering at the site, as some of the workers emerged covered in soot. Authorities have no information concerning the condition of those who remain buried deep below the ground. The expansive subterranean mine contains numerous tunnels, each spanning many kilometers in length.

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Bruins and Canadiens: Rivals Forever

May 14, 14 Bruins and Canadiens: Rivals Forever

The 2014 Stanley Cup game looks to be yet another meeting between long time NHL rivals, the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. The rivalry between these two teams has a long history, and makes for one of the most intense and fascinating stories in all of sports talk. What makes it even better is that neither team, in all of the years the rivalry has existed, has yet managed to gain the upper hand in the conflict. Chances are that this is one rivalry that will continue long into the 21st century, with no clear resolution in sight – not that fans of either team would have it any other way.

As it is, the rivalry between the Bruins and Canadiens is already nearly a century old. The first meeting between these two legendary NHL power house teams occurred on December 8, 1924. Since that historic date, the two teams have met each other over 900 times. When both regular season games and playoff appearances are combined, these two teams have appeared on the rink in combat more than any other two teams in the entire history of the NHL. While it is obvious that no one in the 1920’s sat down and decided to purposely create the NHL’s longest standing rivalry, it is clear that the course of events has truly taken on a will of its own.

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